"Fran", WOD, Monday - 11/10/08


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster (Women 65)

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A leaderboard change yesterday with both Eric and Jeff doing Fran as Rx'd.  Looks like John is bumped down to third and will have to wait for another day to reclaim his spot at second!  (And lots of free space for you girls!)
Stec 5:31 As Rx'd
Eric 10:12 As Rx'd
Jeff 11:37 As Rx'd
MAtt 10:29 75 lbs, red band
Kathy 10:54 45 lbs, blue band
Diana 13:37 45 lbs, blue band
Deb 10:37  50 lbs, green band
Emilee 11:54 45 lbs, green band
Valarie 13:32 45 lbs, green band
Steph 8:27 10 lbs, black band


50 lbs allowed me to work on both the full squat and thrust. It felt good. I struggled with not having quite enough room on the pull-up bar during my first two rounds. Great morning workout!

Yeah that was a good weight. Won't be long until the 65# thrusters are doable for a few of you gals. And it may seem like the pullups are far away, they're closer than you think!

And as for the pullup space. Working on that. Been brainstorming a lot. Let me know if you have any ideas. Time to get John over here again, eh?

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